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WTF Pregnancy!

I'm pregnant, not a circus attraction!

WTF Pregnancy
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Sharing the strange things people do to pregnant women
For some reason, a pregnant woman brings out the oddest behavior in the people around her. From family and friends harassing you to complete strangers touching your stomach to coworkers relating old wives tales, this community is for you!


-Respect each other. Try to be nice to the other community members and behave appropriately. I reserve the right to permaban anyone who is behaving like an ass.

-No blocks of text please. Paragraphs are your friends. In the same vein of thought, please at least attempt proper capitalization, spelling, and grammar.

- No crazy font sizes or colors or weird formatting. It makes it hard to read and is annoying.

-Please cut all pictures and videos, and warn if it contains NSFW or triggering content. Also, please cut if the entry is huge.

- Don't post any identifying information. Period. Doing so will earn an insta-perma-ban.

- No discriminating speech here. We don't need to hear about your racism, bigotry, homophobia, ageism, etc.

-Don't troll personal journals or site.

-No Off Topic posts.

-No Screening or Deleting comments.

-If you have a problem with a post or a comment, contact me either through LJ mail or through one of the numerous instant messengers that I have. Don't feed the trolls. If you get into a flame war with a troll, I will probably deal with you just as harshly as the troll.

-Spammers and trolls will be instantly and permanently banned. (insta-perma-ban)

I reserve the right to throw out anyone who is causing problems. You can write me an try to appeal this action if you feel you were treated unfairly and I may reconsider. But if you're behaving badly enough to get thrown out, you probably deserved it.

I also reserve the right to alter or delete posts that do not adhere to the rules.

Contact info:
AIM: KaylaraOwl
Yahoo: KaylaraOwl
MSN: paganisme@hotmail.com
Email: KaylaraOwl@yahoo.com